Friday, June 6, 2014

Introducing my new shop... Pemberley Threads!

The day is upon us!  Me, rather.  But nonetheless, I am exhilarated to get my new shop up and running today.  I had so much fun making each and every one of these things.  Though the collection is small, I have big plans for fall so never fear.

My banner.  I stayed up late tweaking it and definitely like the brown and coral color combination better than the black and white of the other logo I came up with.

Yes, most of the things in the shop right now are Downton Abbey. :)  My favorite couple is Sybil and Branson, so why not begin with this hoop art?  I loved finding fabric for the little coral colored heart in the middle.  See it in the shop here.

I have a few doll costumes in the shop, this being my favorite hands down.  May I introduce you to Lady Mary, the eldest Crawley sister?  This is my favorite dress from the entire series of Downton Abbey (closely followed by her spectacular riding habit), and I had so much fun recreating it from the lacy gloves to the string of pearls.

Does it look similar to the original?  Next on my list is to replicate that fabulous hat. *sigh*

I have also done a few pillows made with pieces I embroidered.  Here we have on the left the Dowager Countess of Grantham's stately silhouette set in some coral pink calico and edged in robin's egg blue floral cotton.  Also, who could resist a quietly reading Miss Elizabeth Bennet?

Another piece of hoop art with none other than my favorite fictional hero... Mr. Thornton. :)  His famous quote and a few Helstone roses on either side of his silhouette... I almost don't want to sell this one.

Be sure to visit the new shop to see everything else in the collection!

And for all of my new customers... 

Just use this code when checking out on Etsy: TAKE10FORDOWNTON

Might as well proclaim some of our Downton spirit right?

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In the Shop | Out with the Old and in with Pemberley

   Well hello again!  I am still around, yes.  My life has lately been full of some pretty tough mountains to climb, but also a thrilling roller coaster drop here and there.  Amid all of my philandering I have managed to get the summer collection completed for the shop.  But here is the big piece of news: I am changing my shop name.  Going into this new season I have decided to let my old shop fly away in the wind to make room for my new ideas and creations.  For a long while I have been pondering a name, and at last came upon the perfect title.   Ladies, (and gentlemen, should there be any of you reading this), I would like to introduce you to...

Pemberley Threads!

   While I have enjoyed creating many different things for my Etsy shop in the past, I have come to realize that it is my love of literature and period drama that wins out among all of my other interests.  Making embroidered portraits or quotes from favorite heroes and heroines, recreating favorite costumes worn by the actresses for dolls, and drawing the likenesses of Mr. Thornton, Elizabeth Bennet, Emma Knightley and many more.... that's what I really love to do best!  Pemberley Threads will be a myriad of period drama inspired creations, and probably a few things from some of our favorite fandoms too (ehem Avengers, Dr. Who, and Sherlock)

   To celebrate this new chapter on my path of artsy chaos, I am hosting a grand opening weekend on June 6 - 8.  If you haven't noticed, my shop is now completely cleared of inventory and once the new name is approved by Etsy, I will post all of my new pieces.  Come by the blog this weekend to preview all of the new things I have made, and maybe even a discount or two. ;)

Of course, every shop needs a logo.  What do you think of this one?
I may change it but for now I think this is the logo I shall use.

Have a loverly afternoon and see you this weekend!

Yours truly,

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