Monday, February 2, 2015

A Warm Welcome to the Newest Member of Our Family!

Today I would like to introduce Marie-Grace, my newest doll.  Some Christmas money allowed me to finally add my current favorite American Girl to my collection, and I have enjoyed her so much already, even though I haven't modeled her in any of my outfits yet!   I bought her brand new in the box from a sweet girl on Ebay who wanted her to go to a good home.  Needless to say she did eventually get here, after Fedex flew her out to Portland, Oregon and back because they got the address wrong. :)

     The thing I loved most about her is her hair.   The ringlets on the sides will be perfect for regency dresses and since the rest of it is long and straight I will be able to put it up in all sorts of historical dos.  I am very excited to start sewing!!

   Speaking of sewing, I am currently officially working on the spring collection for my shop, Pemberley Threads.  Things are looking a bit scarce right now but we do have a couple things left from the last collection.   This spring I have many high hopes and plans!!!  Since this is also the time of year I put together my plan for the year of which reenactments I would like to go to, plans for new costumes for my own wardrobe are also taking place so I am pretty much sewing every minute I am not at work!  So much tizzy!!   Oh, but it's a happy tizzy.

    Well I hope you are all having a lovely lovely morning!!!!  What are you all up to anyways?


1 comment:

Natasha Marie said...

Marie-Grace is beautiful! I can't wait to see your new shop collection!

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