Tuesday, March 17, 2015

And Love Came Softly

    Sometimes two people fall in love at first sight, and sometimes they take years of detesting each other before they realize they really were meant to be.

    For me, love came softly.

    About a year and a half ago when I went on the pilgrimage to New York I met a certain fellow who introduced himself the first night of the trip.  Turns out, our families had been going to the same church for years but we had never actually formally met each other.  In fact my only memory I had of him was seeing his pudgy 8th grade self years ago when a bunch of my friends were hanging out behind our church.

    Well being at a boys boarding school for all of his high school years had changed him.  He was sweet, and funny, and had beautiful kind blue eyes.  The next night he sat me down and played some guitar for me, after we resolved a heated debate over whether Starbucks was better than Dunkin Donuts.   We agreed to disagree.

    When I returned from my trip, there was a friend request waiting for me on Facebook from guess who.  The proceeding weeks we talked online for hours, and saw each other on Sundays.  I still remember seeing him waiting patiently by the door when I came down the stairs from the choir loft after Mass. :)

    I told myself we were just friends, because I thought I was going to be moving away soon because of my dad's job and I didn't want to get emotionally attached.  But the weeks and months went by, and by an amazing turn of events, the Lord kept me here.  Turns out that sweet boy had been praying harder than I knew so that God wouldn't take me away from him.

   Once I knew I was staying here, I slowly realized I had fallen in love with him.  It sort of crept up on me and tapped me on the shoulder.  He was perfect for me.  Though it came gradually for me, when he told me how he felt the first time we met, he said he fell in love with me right away.  That poor young man said "It was love at first sight for me, only I wasn't getting it back."  Well now he is, in great abundance.

   I really could not have asked for anyone better.  He and my dad have a good relationship, my mother loves him, and he has already become like an older brother to my siblings.  It's funny how this courtship is coming to be.  I always thought it would start with someone coming to my dad and asking to date me, and for me to get to know him that way.  But I like the way it turned out.  It's like we became wonderful friends first, then it blossomed into something so much more.  It all felt so natural.

   And yes, marriage is in the future. :)  We are going to wait until he is closer to graduating from college before getting married.  But when we do we plan on having a farm and raising as many children as God will give us.
And so goes the story of how I fell in love with Jonathan. 

   I am enjoying checking things off my bucket list every day with him, one of which was carving our initials into a tree.  He did that today on our morning hike at a nearby state park.  It was a gorgeous spring morning; we arrived just as the sun was rising.  There were little glowing green pieces of spring growth everywhere.

    The woods were quiet and smelled sweetly of damp earth.  We climbed to the top of a cliff and sat for a while listening to the river.  How I pine for springtime all winter long!  It has been so special enjoying my favorite season for the first time together with my soul mate. :)

    And that is the story of my courtship thus far.  Of course you will be hearing of my dear Jon very often on here as I recount our adventures.  Our next plans are to go see Cinderella in theaters!  I also am currently making him a civil war costume so he can take me to my events this season.  It is such a blessing to have a man who loves me for all of my weird and nerdy hobbies. :)

    Enjoy this wonderful spring season that the gracious Lord has given to us!

Lots of love

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Civil War "Housewife"

   My latest addition to my collection of historical accessories is this Civil War period sewing kit, called a "housewife".

   The housewife was a long piece of fabric with different hand sewing accessories included in pockets and such inside.

   I made a pocket for buttons and lace, and also a pocket for holding my bone thread winders.

    Also in my kit is a pair of period embroidery scissors and a few pieces of flannel for holding pins and sewing needles.

   I embroidered my initials on one of the pockets.  It was common for ladies to mark their clothing and accessories with their initials.

   After tucking all of the sewing tools away, it easily rolls up and is tied by a ribbon sewn to the back.

Also, the perks of working at a museum...... 
plenty of sites to photograph all of your projects on your lunch break. ;)

Have a lovely morning!

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