Monday, July 11, 2016

I Said Yes :)

   How many years did I write about wishing for this day?  Though he popped the big question back in January, I haven't written about it until now because I felt that this was going to be my last post, and the thought made me sad but happy at the same time.  The Country Handmaiden took me through the better part of my teens, and looking back, I will always treasure the memories and friends I have made through this little corner of the world.  Love you all. :)

   January 15, 2016.  It was a rainy night.  We had both just got off long work days, and he stopped by in the evening to take me to get dinner at our favorite local cafe.  It honestly was the last thing I expected.  There weren't any fireworks, any people around, any music, we weren't anywhere special.  He just walked me out to his truck, told me he wanted to ask me something.  I wondered what it was.  Then he pulled out that little white box, and got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.  I couldn't believe it was happening.  All I could do was blurt out a yes and throw my arms around him while I cried.  I forgot to even look at the ring!  It was hard to see since the January moon didn't shed much light between the trees overhead, but as he slipped it on my finger I could see the little twinkle of the diamond.  It didn't go at all like I imagined it going since I was a little girl, but honestly it was so so much better! He is so much more than I deserve, but I thank God every day for giving me such a gift.  It's a wonderful feeling thinking about a whole life you have ahead of you with the person who means the most to you.

       Our engagement shoot was a couple weeks after.  It was nippy outside but I loved the effect the dusting of snow gave the photos!

     We brought our instruments out there which really gave it a personal touch since music is so close to both of our hearts.


 I have enjoyed every moment of blogging here at the Country Handmaiden.  There are countless women I have connected with over the years, and I am so grateful to have met you all and had the opportunity to grow just knowing you.  I will post wedding pictures here when that happens (next spring!).  However, if you want to keep up with me I have created a new blog, Sweet Felicity.  Please, please head over and follow me so I can stay in touch with all of you!  It will be my mommy blog eventually, God willing. :)

Farewell my friends...

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